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String Theory Reading Group I

January - April '15

The material discussed will roughly revolve around material presented in Polchinski: bosonic strings, conformal field theory, loop amplitudes, D\( p \)-branes etc.

Each meeting will go on for an hour and a half. We meet (almost) every Thursday at 6:00 PM in Hall 123.


Date Speaker Topic
25rd April M The String \( S \)-Matrix and Tree-Level Scattering Amplitudes
16th April Pinaki Banerjee and Dr. Alok Laddha Vertex Operators II
9th April Debangshu Mukherjee and Dr. Alok Laddha Complaints, Grievances and The No Ghost Theorem
30th March Debangshu Mukherjee BRST Quantization Bosonic Strings
19th March Debangshu Mukherjee Old Covariant Quantization of Bosonic Strings
12th March Arnab Priya Saha and M Vertex Operators I and Scattering Amplitudes I
5th March Dr. Alok Laddha Boundary Terms in Bosonic String Actions
26th February Arnab Priya Saha The Weyl Anomaly
21th February Dr. Alok Laddha BV I: An Introduction to The Batalin–Vilkovisky Formalism
12th February M The State-Operator Correspondence, Polyakov's Action and Faddeev-Popov Determinants
7th February Dheeraj Mishra CFT II: Review and Discussion
29th January Renjan John CFT I: Operator Product Expansions, Ward Identities and the Virasoro Algebra
22nd January Pinaki Banerjee Closed and Unoriented Strings
14th January Nirmalya Kajuri Action Principles and Open String Spectra